Water Damage Restoration

Get Fast & Efficient Water Damage Mitigation and Restoration Services

Get Fast & Efficient Water Damage Mitigation and Restoration Services

American Restoration Professionals are available to repair any structural problems caused by water damage. The team is equipped to respond swiftly to emergencies and restore your property to its pre-damage state.

Water damage can happen in your home or business for several reasons, from burst pipes, toilet overflows, leaking washing machines, heavy rainfall, and more. And no one can forecast when it will occur. However, timing is crucial when dealing with water damage.

American Restoration Professionals are available in Stoughton, Massachusetts to provide effective water damage repair solutions regardless of how the water damage you’re dealing with occurred. We have helped several homeowners and businesses who have suffered flood and storm damage across Massachusetts.

Why Water Damage Needs Urgent Attention

Water damage may seem like a minor inconvenience. However, if you do not deal with it quickly and effectively, it can lead to worse damage (with severe consequences) to your home or business space.

Your belongings and the structural integrity of your property will likely suffer more damage the longer the water sits. This holds regardless of the situation, whether it is a flood, sewage backup, or anything else.

When you contact our highly-trained and experienced water damage restoration experts at American Restoration Professionals, we’ll employ state-of-the-art tools and dehumidifiers that can remove all of the moisture from every part of your home fast.

We offer various extra services to restore affected belongings to their pre-loss state after restoring your property.

Get Expert Water Damage Restoration Services in Stoughton, Massachusetts

American Restoration Professionals is equipped to clean up structural problems with your property. You can rest assured that our repairs will restore the integrity of your property while providing efficient, dependable restoration services.

Our restoration specialists can provide a wide range of services, including the following:

  • Risk and damage assessment
  • Moisture source identification and removal
  • Water extraction
  • Application of antimicrobials
  • Drying and dehumidification of the structure
  • Content cleaning and pack-out services (if necessary)
  • Mold assessment and remediation
  • Roof or Leak repair
  • Sewage decontamination
  • Replace/Repaint/Repair walls
  • Flooring removal and replacement, and more!

Our Water Restoration Process

There are numerous types of water damage depending on where the water came from, including gray water damage, fresh water damage, and contaminated water damage. Damage from contaminated water typically contains a variety of bio-hazardous substances and germs, making this operation extremely dangerous without the proper tools.

Shortly after your initial call, American Restoration Professionals IICRC-certified specialists will come to remove all contaminated items, clean all surfaces, and dry out the remaining structure.

First Steps to Take When You Discover Water Damage on Your Property
  • Immediately call American Restoration Professionals to have water damage experts sent to your home.
  • Move any wall sculptures, paintings, or other works of art to a high, secure area.
  • Turn off the electricity supply if possible.
  • Move books and other essential documents to the unaffected area.
  • Take out any affected carpet that isn’t nailed to the ground.
  • Increase the airflow throughout the house by opening all the doors, drawers, closet doors, and cabinets.
What You Shouldn't do when You Discover Water Damage on Your Property
  • Do not remove the water using a home vacuum.
  • Any electronics that have water damage should not be plugged in.
  • Any visible mold should not be touched or disturbed.
  • Don’t enter any room that has significant structural or electrical damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cost for restoration will depend on several factors. We have to perform an assessment of the water damage present to give a proper estimate. We will be sure to communicate with you clearly so you understand the process and cost involved.

Drying time will depend on the class and severity of water damage present. 3-5 days is average, but if flooding is severe or left for a while, it can take a few weeks.

No, turning off the fans will delay drying, increase restoration cost, and possibly result in mold growth. Leaving the fans running will help speed the drying process and keep costs down.

How May We Help You?

It’s essential to act quickly when your Stoughton, Massachusetts, home or business is affected by water damage. Contact American Restoration Professionals immediately for exceptional water damage repair and remediation services. We’ll arrive within an hour with the right tools to get your home back to its previous state.

Call us at (617) 945-4510 to discuss how we can help restore your property promptly.

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